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The Wolf's Cave

Wolfy's journal

19 August
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User Number: 3979708
Date Created: July 28
Number of Posts: Some! xD

Wolfy is the ruler of the Meepits. :o She is obessed with meeps, and badgers. She wants to live in alaska. She is crazy and hyper, and loves to attack people with her meepits. And flys on DRAGONS! And has WOLF EARS!!!!Beware of her cute-wolfy-badger-ness!
Strengths: Her evil meepits and cute wolf look!
Weaknesses: Jeanne's hammer, people pulling her tail, and BADGER HATERS! x.x;
Special Skills: Crazy meepits, hyper-ness
Weapons: Meepits, Her dragons, and her wolf teeth.

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Hey, I'm Wolfy. I love acting, and want to live in Alaska some day. I like all animals, expecially Dogs, wolves, badgers, and rodents. I also like fantasy creatures, like Dragons. I play neopets, and I am in a great guild call The Neopian Orphanage (TNO). I have been on neopets for two years. I have lots of favorite games which I play on Gamecube. I draw alot, mostly doodles. My finished art usally takes around 1-2 hours to finish. I can make graphic, like blogs. My favorite sport is soccer. Well, that's it. ^^ BTW, hug meh? ^^ *pokes dorketh* ^^

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Ph34r Chrissy, my guinea pig!!!