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FLUFFLY PUFFFFSSSSS!!!! [Aug. 17th, 2004|05:38 pm]
[The Wolf's Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[The Wolf's Howl |The Little Voice By Hilary Duff]

ONG, I haven't typed fer a loooong time. o.o;;;;

I had this totally freakish dream last night. But it felt.. good. o.o;; I dunno. I was some Queen or sumthin'. I have been watching movies too much. o.o;;; The whole day I felt.. werid. I just want a nap. ;.; I woke up at 7:20 AM, and had to jump out of bed, put clothes on brush my hair, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, then jump in the car to go to school. I was doing everything so fast, now I'm soooo tired. ;-; *yawn* And my teacher kept on saying, "Am I boring you?" Whenever somebody yawn. ;-;

Okay, on da other hand, I taught my friends what Fluffy Puff means! ^^ It's sad they didn't know. And if you don't know, tis marshmellow. ^^ *bows at it's greatness* MEEEP!!!!

Annnnnndddd... My friends might come over to my house this weekend! ^^

MY BEEFDAY'S IN TWO DAYS! Better start getting prezzies. ^^I like neggs. And if you really feel like giving, I need a white PB fer Miron's pup Sukai. 'Tis a surprise for zaggeron. And Galaxia! ^^ If you got one, send it to meh before the weekend. Zaggeron is only on on the weekends.

My two foster pets Mika and Xio got zapped by the ray, Xio is a purple aisha and Mika is a striped Eyrie. Who should I continue zapping? I really want to foster a krawk...

Well, BUH BYE!!!

Beefday count down: 2 DAYSSSSS!!!
Beefday: August 19!
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School [Aug. 3rd, 2004|08:09 pm]
[The Wolf's Mood |touchedtouched]
[The Wolf's Howl |None]

Twas the frist day 'o school. I guess it was okay, the teachers were nice. Tomorrow I have art class! ^^ *pokeths her art* I wish I had photograph class. I'm really good at taking pictures. ^^ And of couse, I have inculded one of my newer pictures at the bottom of this journal. ^^

*pokeths new digital camera* Pretty, no? ^^ *hugs it*

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
Cool quizzes at Go-Quiz.com

I am cooler than J00! :P

Do you think you can read my mind? - From Go-Quiz.com
About this Friend....Guess who?
Is a insane freak, good friend though.
Is obessed with 'eth'.
Is obessed with wolves, wants to be me.
Likes to hide under beds.
LJ Username:

Try it, friends...

kk, as promised, the picture..

tis my totally cute, irresitable, awesome doggy!

1, 2, 3.. Awwwwww...!
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Beefday [Aug. 2nd, 2004|06:26 pm]

If anyone would like to get me a present for my birthday, I would like neggs, an electric paint brush, a Royal Paintbrush, a plushie paintbrush, or a lab map. ^^ The negg is the easiest thing to get, but I would luff you forever if you gave me one of the other 4. ^^ The negg I really want is this..


BTW, If you are Insane, obessed with neo, or love to make graphics, join my newly made commuity!

LYKE ONG!!!!1111 WAZ IT CALED???/// IN/???!111111 LYKE ONG KOOL WOWZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

neo_insane !!!11111111111111111111 LYKE ONG!111

Sorry, just had to act n00bish. ^^;

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Meep [Aug. 2nd, 2004|03:38 pm]
[The Wolf's Mood |crushedcrushed]

Twas bored, decided to take this..

badgerwolfy's Word Usage
1. i (50) 26. if (9) 51. jeanne (6) 76. please (4)
2. you (40) 27. for (9) 52. going (6) 77. time (4)
3. to (29) 28. this (9) 53. with (6) 78. comments (4)
4. the (28) 29. so (9) 54. insane (6) 79. tno (4)
5. and (27) 30. times (9) 55. will (5) 80. at (4)
6. a (24) 31. all (9) 56. well (5) 81. some (4)
7. o.o (17) 32. taken (8) 57. or (5) 82. but (4)
8. on (17) 33. get (8) 58. lab (5) 83. yesterday (4)
9. it (17) 34. that (7) 59. from (5) 84. bye (4)
10. my (15) 35. that's (7) 60. we (5) 85. think (4)
11. 3 (13) 36. not (7) 61. don't (5) 86. guess (4)
12. of (13) 37. badgerwolfy (7) 62. about (5) 87. job (3)
13. like (12) 38. 1 (7) 63. crazy (5) 88. may (3)
14. new (12) 39. much (7) 64. were (4) 89. left (3)
15. by (12) 40. school (7) 65. can (4) 90. best (3)
16. me (11) 41. have (7) 66. been (4) 91. birthday (3)
17. quiz (11) 42. today (6) 67. got (4) 92. color (3)
18. is (11) 43. they (6) 68. 8 (4) 93. jiyuan (3)
19. i'm (11) 44. 2 (6) 69. total (4) 94. dolls (3)
20. your (11) 45. lj (6) 70. hope (4) 95. name (3)
21. are (10) 46. was (6) 71. now (4) 96. yes (3)
22. how (10) 47. x.x (6) 72. came (4) 97. wolves (3)
23. be (10) 48. in (6) 73. wolf (4) 98. am (3)
24. who (10) 49. im (6) 74. cool (4) 99. meepits (3)
25. people (9) 50. do (6) 75. also (4) 100. haven't (3)
Word Count by Hutta.

Hrm, It sounds like I'm obessed with myself. -.-; I don't use I alot, or do I? *cough* ^^
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Augusteth! <3 [Aug. 2nd, 2004|11:35 am]
[The Wolf's Mood |dorkyMaking Graphics]
[The Wolf's Howl |Come Clean by Hilary Duff]

Yay! August has came! All my friends on neo better start getting the wonderful Wolfy birthday presents.. like lab maps and stoof. >3 Hopefully I might be going to Lazer tag, such a fun game. >3 *zaps people* And... CAKE! >3 My beefday is August 19th.

My cousin has left, but now I have school... *ish scared* We get our supplies list today.. :'( I can't belive my birthday is going to be during school.. IT NEVER IS DURING SCHOOL!! *cries*

I did a play yesterday. o.o; I twas the main character. <3 Twas called, 'Susan Goes to London.'. Yesh, I was Susan. Gosh, I wish they would change her name. :P To be like, Scarlett. <3 or Lexy. o.o; I had Jack The Ripper in it, The Plague or however you spell it, and The Great Fire. Twas cool.

I've been listening to Hilary Duff alot lately. I wonder if I can be a singer at that age.. o.o; Hilary Duff haters, please do not comment. >.<;

K.. I guess dat's it. o.o; Bye.

Days till Wolfy's Birthday: 18
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Been Busy [Aug. 1st, 2004|09:57 pm]
[The Wolf's Mood |busybusy]
[The Wolf's Howl |none]

As you may have noticed, I've been really busy today. x.X; Sorry to all those people I haven't reasponed to on IM.

'Meet the Teacher' day tomorrow at school. x.x; I hate school. Plus, I have no idea who the teachers are there, since I'm new. I hope I get a nice one, that doesn't give lots of homework. o.o;

Anyways, If you are on neopets, could you pleeeeease donate to my negg shop? ^^ also, I need more graphics such as banners, drawings of neggs, dividers, and such. you can post them here if you feel like it. Here's a link to my shop.

Donate to Wolfy&apos;s neggs?

Okay, guess that's it.. bye!
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w00t! [Jul. 31st, 2004|08:21 am]
[The Wolf's Mood |tired*yawn* -.-;]
[The Wolf's Howl |None. ;-; I need my computerrrr!]

Well, my computer isn't working real well (right now I'm on another computer), so to all the people I talk to on MSN IM I may not be on a whole lot. Plus, family is over, so If I'm logged on, and you IM me, it may not be me who answers. Always ask. x.x;

School's starting. x.x;; I'm going to a new school, so wish me luck. I hope I find atleast 1 new friend.. o.o; Maybe if I draw for them they will be nice to meh, that's what I did at my school. They all think I'm an artist, when they haven't seen all the artists way better than me on neo. o.o; Well, I hope the homework's not too hard...

And if you were wondering about my mood yesterday, while me and about 5 people from TNO were chatting on MSN, some freaks we don't even know came on and started being mean. >.<; But we all left, and came back on another chat. We were having a good time too, then they came. Bah, stupid people.

k, guess that's it. o.o; Also, please, please, don't freak out if my cousin or someone else talks to you. Gosh, that would be embarrasing. o.o; Well, buh bye.
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>3 [Jul. 30th, 2004|05:54 pm]
[The Wolf's Mood |pissed offmad at some jerks..]
[The Wolf's Howl |Football Badgers]

Jeanne has been making 'Im dolls' So I decided to make a quiz about it, scince most people don't like 'em. >3 Muhahaha!

How much do you like Jeanne's IM dolls?
What you think about Jeanne
How much you like Jeanne's IM Dolls, 0 being the worst, 10 bein 2
Will you use one? (8) - Very doubtful. - (8)
How much you don't want one - 61%
This cool quiz by badgerwolfy - Taken 3 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

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*sigh* [Jul. 30th, 2004|09:46 am]
[The Wolf's Mood |gloomygloomy]
[The Wolf's Howl |Football Badgers- ENGLAND ENGLAND!]

Bored today.... -.o;

If anyone wants to take any of my quizes, click here. that's my profile on kwiz.

The war is still going on, with Jeanne in the lead, 7 to 9. Who will win? Let's hope it's Wolfy. ;3

I went to the mall yesterday. I got some fuzzy keychains, a book, and some TYs, beanie babies. ^^ I got Garfeild and Odie, or however you spell that weird name. o.O;

I'm trying to get another lab map in neo, but I know I'm far away. It costs 600,000 NP for a full set, and I want 100,000 left over, so that means I need 700,000 NP. x.x; so far away....

Time for my newest quiz!

What's your dream job?
favorite color
Your Job Working at a big buisness
How much money you make a month $557.30
Chances of you losing your job - 14%
This QuickKwiz by badgerwolfy - Taken 1 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

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Comment Stats [Jul. 30th, 2004|08:38 am]

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 badgerwolfy 4 comments 44.44% of total
2 jiyuan 3 comments 33.33% of total
3 shwiggle 1 comments 11.11% of total
4 gaiawolf17 1 comments 11.11% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.
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